Residential Programs

Sexton Commons - Phone: 2736

Coordinator of Faculty Residents

This person is responsible to the University community for residential affairs including the staff appointment of the Faculty Residents and student Resident Assistants, coordinating the preparation and in-service training for staff members, supporting appropriate programs for community development, assisting people who service the residence areas and enforcing residential policy.

Faculty Residents

The monastic apostolate of the Faculty Residents (FR) extends the Benedictine presence and values into student life by living among them in the residence halls. The FR is a person who can encourage the students to discover and integrate the values of a Benedictine liberal arts educational experience. The FR assists students in their development by encouraging responsible growth within community and providing a friendly and informal presence among the student body. The FR, therefore, is sensitive to values that reflect responsible living in community as personal integrity, patience, tolerance, openness to learning, consideration of people and property, skill in listening and communication, consistency, and fairness.

Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a student selected for qualities of demonstrated leadership, openness to learning, disciplined study habits, developed listening skills and charitable motivation. The RA works closely with the FR in promoting cooperation among the students by personal examples of friendliness and flexibility, yet firmness and fairness in enforcing general University policy and the Residence License. The RA is regularly available on the floor to help organize and participate in social, cultural, spiritual and other events intended for individual and community development.

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