A.Personal Conduct- Pursuant to the Good Neighbor policy the following apply to on-campus and off-campus.

i.   Academic Misconduct

ii.   Assault

1. Physical force or violence

2. Physical behavior that involves an expressed or implied threat

iii.  Unauthorized Possession or Use of Alcoholic Beverages

1. Please see Alcoholic Beverages under the policy section of the J-Book

2. Individuals who are not of legal age are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol.

3. Individuals of legal age may possess or consume alcohol within a private room, apartment, or house where at least one assigned resident is of legal age.

4. Individuals are not allowed to stockpile alcohol or empty alcohol containers in their residences.

5. Kegs, party balls, or other common sources of alcohol are not allowed in residence hall rooms.

6. Residents of a private room, apartment, or house are responsible for the individual use of alcohol by guests and for any violation of policy, disorder, or damage associated with the event.

7. Residents hosting a party are responsible for their guests and will also be held responsible for providing alcohol to minors.

8. No one is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages anywhere on university or Order of Saint Benedict grounds without prior approval.

9. Alcohol and related items including containers, kegs, taps, and beer bongs, are confiscated without return when a violation occurs.

10.  Individuals are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol on the Link bus or University vehicles.

iv.  Behavioral Misconduct

1. Students are accountable for ordinary standards of behavior.

2. University reserves the right to deny admission, continued enrollment, re-enrollment, or to apply disciplinary sanctions to any applicant or student whose personal history, background, or behavior, indicate that his presence at the University, University functions, or activities would endanger the health, safety, welfare, or property of the members of the University community or interfere with the orderly and effective performance of the University's functions.

3. It is expected that Saint John's students conduct themselves in a manner that is in accord with our best tradition of hospitality and respect for others.

v.  Damage to or Destruction of University Property

vi.  Discrimination

vii. Unauthorized use of Fireworks, or other dangerous explosives1. The possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or Sale of fireworks/explosives is Strictly Prohibited.

viii.  Unauthorized Possession or Use of Illegal Drugs

1. The following actions are prohibited by Saint John’s University:

a. Distributing or selling drugs

b. Using or possessing illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

c.  Disrupting the campus community as a result of drug use

d. A student who is experiencing health issues associated with the use of chemicals (including anabolic steroids) may be required to undergo professional evaluation and treatment for continuing enrollment.

ix.  Hazing

1. Hazing of any kind is strictly forbidden by Saint John's University and subject to severe sanction.

2. Please see the Hazing Policy under the Policy Section of this document.

x.     Unauthorized Parking and Traffic Violations

1. Please review SJU Parking and Traffic Management policy for further explanation of policies and regulations.

xi.  Unauthorized Possession of University Property or Services

1. Stealing

xii.   Unauthorized Solicitation

1. Please review SJU solicitation policy for further explanation of policies and regulations.

xiii.   Unauthorized Use or Possession of Weaponry/Firearms

1. No weaponry, or objects that could reasonably be mistaken for weapons, of any kind, whatsoever are allowed on campus except those provided in ROTC; and weaponry for game hunting or trapshooting must be registered in Life Safety Services and stored in the vault.

xiv.   Study Abroad & other University sponsored or related travel

      1. Students will be held accountable for their behavior while on study