Leadership Initiative

The CSB/SJU Leadership Initiative seeks to foster the development of shared, ethical leadership within our campus communities. The Initiative is governed by 25 faculty, staff, and students, called the Collective, who meet bi-monthly to examine, explore, and develop programs around the idea of shared, ethical leadership.

The purpose of the Initiative is to foster the development of individuals who will practice collaborative and ethical leadership in a way that will help create a better world. Our goal is to affect 85% of our student body through shaping our campus cultures. In order to do this, the Initiative has provided support to various departments within our two communities. Throughout the past three years of the grant, the Initiative has funded 14 mini-grants to faculty members who have reworked or developed their curriculum around the idea of ethical leadership. The Initiative has offered non-credit leadership courses and workshop to over 700 students. We have also provided seed money and collaboratively planned programs with the Residence Life, Athletic, Student Employment and Student Activities Departments of CSB and SJU.

Within the collective, eight students make up the Student Working Group (SWG). This group serves as a link between the Leadership Initiative and the student body. Through four committees, Leadership Development, Leadership Education, Leadership Culture, and External Connections, the SWG, with the assistance of student volunteers, seeks to encourage and challenge ideas on leadership. This is done through coordinating and facilitating conversations, presentations, and activities that encompass ideas of shared, ethical leadership.

We encourage you to become involved in the Initiative. Please contact our office in Mary Commons or call 5790.