Payment Plan Options

A. Standard Payment Plan

Under the Standard Payment Plan, Student/Parent agrees to pay all fees then owing on August 10th for Fall term and on January 10th for Spring term. Student/Parent agree to pay fees incurred later during the term when billed by the University. There is a finance charge of one percent (1%) per month on any amount not paid when due.

B. Monthly Budget Plan

The Monthly Budget Plan is through the Saint John's University Student Accounts Office

  • This plan allows the student to pay the costs in four payments for each term on the 10th of August, 10th of September, 10th of October, and the final payment is due on the 7th of November for the Fall Semester, and January 10th, February 10th, March 10th, and April 7th for the Spring Semester. There will be a 1% (one percent) per month finance charge (corresponding annual percentage rate of 12%) for the Monthly Budget Plan.

Pending/Memo Aid will no longer be subtracted from the current balance when calculating the monthly finance charge. Financial aid will only be subtracted as the monies are received by the university, or in the case of student employment, as it is earned. Pending/Memo aid includes: scholarships, loans, grants, and student employment.

Fall Term Due Dates:

August 10th - 1/4 of initial balance
September 10th - 1/2 of balance due
October 10th - 3/4 of balance due
November 7th - entire balance due

Spring Term Due Dates:

January 10th - 1/4 of initial balance
February 10th - 1/2 of balance due
March 10th - 3/4 of balance due
April 7th - entire balance due

A student may change plans at anytime. To make a change, go to the Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement. If you have questions, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 320-363-2193.