eBilling and Payments

From this page, students and authorized users can find out more information about their SJU eBill.


  • Students gain access through Banner Web Self Service (Student Services > Student Accounts > My Account).
  • Students are able to view account activity and make payments via electronic check or credit card.
  • Students are able to create authorized users to view and/or pay bills.
  • Students make the choice when setting up an authorized user whether that authorized user can view the billing statement, payment history, or simply make payments.
  • Pay/view bill in Banner Self Service.

Authorized Users

  • Authorized users are third parties specifically granted access by the student. Authorized users can include parents, guardians, spouses, employers, etc.
  • Authorized Users are able to view billing account activity and make payments via electronic check or credit card.
  • To create an authorized user, the student must grant access through Banner Web Self Service
  • Authorized users are able to log into the system to complete their user profile and make payments (as authorized.)
  • Log in as an authorized user. Use this link to access SJU student information only. For CSB students, please refer to CSB Student Accounts Office website.

For instructions on the following, please go to How to Navigate the eBill Site.

  • Making profile changes
  • Setting up Authorized Users
  • Select Student Tab for Authorized Users (parents, employers, etc.)
  • Viewing Account Activity
  • Viewing eBill from the Home Tab
  • Viewing the latest transactions from the Home Tab
  • Viewing & Understanding eBill using the eBill Tab
  • Look up account activity
  • Changing terms to view past activity
  • View/Make Payments on my eBill