SJU Residential Life and Housing

Off-Campus Release Process for 2016-2017

The private, Benedictine, residential, liberal arts identity of Saint John's University is such that we are providing an overall experience which includes a centrally important community living component. Saint John's students are required to live on campus unless they are granted permission from Residential Life and Housing to live at home (with parents) or off campus (during their junior and senior year).


The Residency Requirement Exemption Committee will determine, based on specific criteria, which students will be granted an exemption to live off campus. There are many factors that go into the committee deciding whether or not to allow a student to be released from this requirement. These factors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Class standing
  • Students doing internships, clinical or student teaching a reasonable distance from Saint John's
  • Judicial incidents
  • Students who live within 20 miles and are planning to stay at home with their guardians
  • Age (students over the age of 23 are more likely to be allowed to live off campus)
  • Students who are married or are custodial parents
  • Military service veteran status

There are some immediate criteria for denial of requests for off campus living. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic probation
  • Student conduct probation
  • Cumulative GPA lower that 2.5

All requests for the 2016-2017 academic year are due by Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Long Weekend

For those of you staying on campus for Long Weekend we hope that you are able to relax, catch-up and enjoy your break. When classes are not in session, there are often adjustments to open house hours and visitation polices. We wanted to take a moment to clarify policies for Long Weekend on each campus for those of you who are staying here.

Both campuses will have Open House Hours during Long Weekend:

  • CSB will retain its normal guest policy meaning that students can have both CSB and SJU visitors within regular Open House Hours.
  • SJU will have modified guest hours, where Open House Hours will end at 12:00 midnight Friday night through Monday night.

Exterior residence hall doors will be locked 24 hours a day on both campuses:

  • CSB students and their SJU visitors can continue to access CSB residential buildings using their ID cards during Open House Hours as normal.*
  • Guests visiting SJU will need to make plans to visit their hosts in advance and will need to be greeted by their hosts at the building entrance as only SJU residents will be able to access residence halls with their ID card.

*Please note: Long Weekend is not a closed weekend at CSB/SJU. During all other breaks during the year, CSB/SJU residence halls are closed and ID access to the halls is available only to those who have received approval to remain on campus during break. SJU students will not have card access to CSB halls or apartments during closed break periods. Similarly, CSB students will not have card access to SJU halls or apartments during closed break periods.