Residential Life & Housing Staff

Faculty Residents

The Faculty Resident's role is that of counselor, pastor, and friend. His primary role is to provide a "presence" on the floor. The Faculty Resident serves as an adult mentor in the residence area who supports the Resident Assistant(s) and the residential community in developing a sense of responsibility and commitment. The Faculty Resident assists the Resident Assistant(s) and the students in their own growth as human beings and to model an attitude consistent with the values of our residential, liberal arts college in the Catholic, Benedictine tradition. Therefore, the relationship between the Faculty Resident and the Resident Assistant needs to be open and mutually supportive.

Faculty Resident Room Area(s) of Responsibility Phone
Fr. Doug Mullin, OSB Benet 124 Benet Basement/Ground/First Floors 3108
Br. Paul Richards, OSB Benet 224 Benet Second/Third/Fourth Floors 2453
Br. Richard Crawford, OSB Bernard 401 Bernard Hall 2078
Br. Simon-Hoa Phan, OSB Frank 102 Frank/Greg/Joe Halls 3896
Nick Crowley Patrick 121 Pat/Boni Basement and First Floors 3844
Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB Patrick 221 Patrick and Boniface Second Floor 3568
Patrick Martin Patrick 321 Patrick and Boniface Third Floor 3362
Fr. Ian Dommer, OSB Patrick 421 Patrick and Boniface Fourth Floor 3966
Fr. Nick Kleespie, OSB Mary 129 Mary First Floor 3001
Robert Bell Mary 200 Mary Second Floor 2745
Br. Robin Pierzina, OSB Mary 300 Mary Third Floor 3534
Fr. Nickolas Becker, OSB Thomas 137 Thomas First Floor 3026
Fr. Hilary Thimmesh, OSB Thomas 237 Thomas Second Floor 3943
Br. Dennis Beach, OSB Thomas 337 Thomas Third Floor 2871
Br. Walter Kieffer, OSB Thomas 437 Thomas Fourth Floor 3199
Fr. Jonathan Licari, OSB Maur 103 Maur House/Virgil Michel 3572
Mike Simpson Placid 102 Placid House/Virgil Michel 3896
Ben Corbett McKeown Center Seton 3832
Br. Aelred Senna, OSB Metten 72 Metten and Flynntown Apartments 3807
Matt Davis Vincent 10 Vincent Court 10-51 2374
James Kimeu Vincent 92 Vincent Court 60-92, Marmion and Tholl Houses 3270
Director of Residential Life

The Director of Residential Life is responsible for the overall management and supervision of the residential life program including the recruitment, hiring, training, and ongoing support of the resident assistants. The director also seeks and trains qualified candidates to live as Faculty Residents in the residence halls.

Br. Dan Morgan, OSB, Sexton Commons 210D, 320-363-3512

Assistant Director of Housing

The Assistant Director of Housing is responsible for all aspects of the housing program which includes room assignments, annual room selection, billing, and extended stay times.

Ben Corbett, Sexton Commons 210C, 320-363-3512

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is responsible for the supervision of Residential Life, Judicial Affairs, Life Safety Services, and Student Activities and Leadership Development (joint).

Mike Connolly, Sexton Commons 210A, 320-363-3512

Assistant Director of Student Conduct

The Assistant Director of Student Conduct reports to the Dean of Students and assists in the management, design and implementation of the student conduct program.

Mike Simpson, Sexton Commons 210B, 320-363-3512