Saint John’s University Residency Requirement

Saint John's University is a Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts school, where nearly all students live on campus or are engaged in international studies.

As a Benedictine, residential, liberal arts college, Saint John's University promotes individual development within the context of living and learning in community. The University creates a supportive learning environment that encourages respect, stewardship, and tolerance while assisting students in their vocational discernment. By living on campus, students benefit from connections with others, opportunities to develop a balanced lifestyle, use of campus facilities, and the continued reflective exploration of their faith. Therefore, we seek to provide a living, learning environment that enhances individual growth and development intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, all within a just and caring community.

Saint John's students must live on campus, unless granted permission from the Residential Life and Housing Office, to live at home (with parents) or off-campus. Students requesting to live off-campus must file a Residency Requirement Exemption Request with the Residential Life and Housing Office. We determine, based on specific criteria, which students to grant an exemption to live off-campus.

Saint John’s University is now accepting applications from students requesting a Qualified Exemption from the Residency Requirement for the 2022-2023 academic year. Qualified Exemptions are for individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students who are over the age of 23 on the first day of the fall semester
  • Students who are married or who have dependent children living with them.
  • Students participating in credited internships, clinicals, or student teaching more than 30 miles from Saint John's University
  • Students whose parents/legal guardians live within 20 miles driving and are planning to stay at home with their parents/legal guardians
  • Students who are enrolled for less than 12 credits for the fall semester
  • Military service veteran status

General Exemptions are for all students who wish to live off-campus and do not have a qualified criterion. The application and process for General Exemptions will occur with Fall Housing Selection in March-April 2022. More information will be released in January 2022.

Saint John’s University advises all students not to sign a lease for an off-campus rental property without receiving an official Exemption from the Residency Requirement. Committing to a lease agreement with an off-campus rental property is not grounds for nor merits an Exemption from the Residency Requirement.

For questions related to the Saint John's Residency Requirement, contact us at [email protected]