Saint John’s University Residency Requirement

Saint John's University: A Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts school, where nearly all of the undergraduate students live on campus or are engaged in international studies.

As a Benedictine, residential, liberal arts college, Saint John's University promotes the development of the individual within the context of living and learning in community. Through staffing and programs, the University creates a supportive learning environment that encourages respect for others, good stewardship, and tolerance, while assisting students in their vocational discernment. Students living on campus benefit from connections with others, opportunities to develop a balanced lifestyle, use of campus facilities, and the continued reflective exploration of their own faith. Therefore, we seek to provide a living, learning environment that enhances individual growth and development intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, all within a just and caring community.

Beginning with those enrolling in the Fall 2008 semester (i.e. Class of 2012), Saint John’s students are required to live on campus, unless granted permission, from the Residential Life and Housing Office, to live at home (with parents) or off campus locally. Students requesting to live off campus must file a Residency Requirement Exemption Request Form with the Residential Life and Housing Office. A committee will determine, based on specific criteria, which students will be granted an exemption to live off campus.

Frequently asked questions:

Why did Saint John’s make this decision?
Saint John's believes strongly in a residential, liberal arts education. By having a higher percentage of students live as part of the on-campus community, it is our intention to foster more meaningful relationships and connections to Saint John's. Living on-campus is a unique experience that is an important part of attending Saint John’s.

When does Saint John's require on-campus housing?
Saint John's University is a residential, liberal arts campus. Beginning with the class of 2012, students will be required to live on campus or be participating in the study abroad program. Juniors and seniors may apply for consideration to live off campus.

Who is affected by the housing requirements?
Juniors and seniors may submit an application for a residency exemption. The University will annually determine the number of residency exemptions granted.

Can students appeal to live off campus?
The students will submit an application to live off campus and it will be reviewed by a housing committee.

Did Saint John's take into account the St. Joseph community in its decision to require on-campus housing?
Saint John's had reviewed a residency requirement since 2005 before implementing this policy change in Fall 2008. The health, safety, and well-being of our students is the most important consideration in this decision.

How was this decision made?
The Student Development staff was asked to explore a residency requirement and discussed this proposal with various on-campus constituencies. SJU has also kept the City of St. Joseph Administrator, Judy Weyrens, and CSB Residential Life and Housing staff apprised of the discussions.

What brought about a need for a housing requirement?
Saint John's is continually reviewing and refining its policies. As we develop as a nationally recognized, liberal arts college this was an area that was reviewed.

Questions related to the Saint John’s Residency Requirement can be directed to Ben Corbett, Assistant Director of Housing, [email protected], (320) 363-3512.