On-Campus Housing Selection

Room Selection Overview

Room Selection is held in late March or early April each year. Students select rooms by class cohort: rising seniors, rising juniors, and rising sophomores. A class cohort is a group of students who first enrolled at St. John's in the same year. We determine and assign selection times for eligible participants by a cohort-based random number assignment. Times are computer-assigned. Participants with a lower number in their cohort get an earlier selection time within that cohort.

Housing Selection Eligibility

Returning students must be registered for the next term to be eligible to participate in the on-campus room selection process. All students who wish to select on-campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of the date on which the room selection process they will participate in takes place.

Freshman Housing Options

New First-Year students live in either Tommy Hall or Mary Hall.

  • St. Thomas Hall
  • St. Mary Hall

Sophomore Housing Options

Second-year students can live in the following residential areas:

  • Bernard Hall
  • Boniface Hall
  • Patrick Hall
  • Tommy Hall (1st Floor Only)

Second-year students may live with other upper-class students, but only in areas where both students are eligible to live. For example, a sophomore and junior may wish to live together as roommates. They could live in Bernard Hall, Benet Hall, or Greg House, but not Patrick, Boniface, and Tommy Halls, or any campus apartment because of the cohort criteria for each area.

Junior/Senior Housing Options

Students in the Junior and Senior cohorts have several housing options, including Apartment Selection or General Room Selection.

Junior & Senior General Selection

Students from the Junior and Senior cohorts may live in the following residential areas, in addition to campus apartments:

  • Benet Hall
  • Bernard Hall (Juniors only)
  • Emmaus Hall 2nd Floor
  • Frank House
  • Greg House
  • Joe Hall

Apartment Selection

Apartment selection is for students in the Senior and Junior cohorts that desire to obtain an apartment in one of the following areas:

  • Benet Hall (Ground floor)
  • Flynntown Apartments
  • Marmion House
  • Maur House
  • Metten Court
  • Placid House
  • Tholl House
  • Vincent Court
  • Virgil Michel House

The Senior Majority apartment selection is limited to Flynntown Apartments, Maur House, Placid House, and Vincent Court apartment areas.

Apartment Eligibility

  • Junior and Senior students are eligible to live in campus apartments.
  • Sophomores and First-Year students are not eligible to live in campus apartments.

Senior Majority

Flynntown Apartments, Placid House, Maur House, and Vincent Court are designated Senior Majority apartments. That means more than half of the occupants of the apartment must be part of the Senior cohort. For example, in a 6-person apartment, at least 4 of the tenants must be Seniors. All six residents may be Seniors, but the maximum number of Juniors in a 6-person apartment is 2. We require a Senior Majority for these areas except when general campus occupancy warrants a change.

Single Rooms

Saint John's has a limited number of single rooms available to students:

  • Benet Hall: 33 singles
  • Emmaus Hall (2nd floor): 21 singles
  • Frank House: 27 singles
  • Greg House: 7 singles
  • Joe Hall: 26 singles

Students can select single rooms during the general selection nights. Students interested in a single room should sign up for the waiting list. We offer these rooms to students on the waitlist as they open up after room selection or during the academic year.

Room Selection Summary Documents 2021-2022

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For additional information, see our housing policies and our housing selection SharePoint site.