General Off-campus Resources

  1. Landlord and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities (.pdf)
  2. Moving into an Apartment (.pdf)
  3. Vacating an Apartment (.pdf)

St. Joseph Community Resources

  1. CSB/SJU Student Information
    Specific information for CSB/SJU students from the City of St. Joseph, including ordinances (noise, social host, disruptive intoxication, keg limitations) and services (parks, human rights, utility services).
  2. City of St. Joseph
  3. Code of Ordinances
  4. Chamber of Commerce

St. Cloud Community Resources

  1. City of St. Cloud
  2. New Resident Information
  3. Code of Ordinances

Avon Community Resources

  1. City of Avon
  2. Code of Ordinances

Cold Spring Community Resources

  1. City of Cold Spring
  2. Housing in Cold Spring
  3. Code of Ordinances

Waite Park Community Resources

  1. City of Waite Park
  2. New Resident Welcome Letter (.pdf)
  3. Code of Ordinances