Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Saint John's WWTP is another one-person operation (Brian Schreiner).  In November of 2004,  the plant concluded an extensive renovation which transitioned the former Class C Plant to a Class B Plant.  Because expansion involved a modification to our permit, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency imposed an anticipated limit on the amount of phosphates allowable in our discharge.  The renovated and expanded plant exercises both biological and chemical processes to reduce and meet the lower phosphate limits.  We designed the renovation so as to discharge only a third of allowed phosphate levels. The Plant was again upgraded in 2019-20 to meet additional regulatory requirements. 

Being a privately owned plant, we have more control in addressing problems that arise in the plant, such as getting storm and sanitary sewers separated during construction or renovation activities, or in tracking down the source of undesirable chemicals which may be entering into the processing system.

The WWTP experiences slower flow when students leave for breaks, providing opportunities for routine maintenance and repairs at the plant