Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Shop - HVAC

The Saint John's HVAC Shop is a one-man operation, but it's a big operation.  The HVAC technician (Jason Welle) is responsible for the control of climate within our facilities.  To do so, the technician concerns himself with the operation and proper calibration of air handling units (AHU), variable air volume (VAV) boxes, roof top ventilators (RTV), pneumatic and digital control operators, damper controls, thermostats, humidifiers, steam and/or chilled water coils, heat exchangers, and people.  A good HVAC technician conserves energy while providing a comfortable environment.

The employment of an HVAC technician has eliminated the need to purchase an expensive service contract from an outside provider.

The HVAC systems at Saint John's have evolved over the past century, and no two buildings (except for Vincent Court and Maur/Placid Apartments) have the same system or equipment.  Having an on-staff HVAC technician allows that person to learn the personalities and quirks of each individual system and respond to each more quickly.

The installation of digital controls that communicate over our existing fiber optic network allows the HVAC technician to access the controls from home and, thus, provide trouble-shooting without a costly return to campus.

The HVAC shop is directed by Jim Habiger.