Electric Shop

The Saint John's Electric Shop consists of two (2) full-time licensed electricians (Gerard Huhne and Jake Rassier).   The crew is responsible for maintenance of high voltage switch gear and other devices within the Power Plant, high voltage distribution about the campus, fiber optic installation and terminations, elevators, telephone and fire alarm systems, KMC digital controls, hundreds of electric motors, and tens of thousands of electrical devices like lighting fixtures, light switches, electrical outlets, voice, data, and video jacks.

Beyond the installation of new electrical systems, the electrical crew is experienced at trouble-shooting older, existing systems.  Effective trouble-shooting involves knowledge which goes beyond basic components - it involves an insight into how the overall system works together as a whole.  Their in-house, first-hand knowledge of our electrical and communications systems is essential to effective problem solving and contributes to a safer, more reliable environment at a lower cost.

Nearly all of the new voice/data/video wiring on campus which was installed as part of Project Impact was done by our own personnel.  All routing of this campus-wide "nerve system" was captured in an electronic database with CableMaster software - allowing for much faster upgrades and repairs since all punchdowns and terminations are mapped out when a work order is processed.  Our communications technician also performs fiber optic terminations for The College of Saint Benedict.

Our electricians are available for call back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should an emergency arise.

They are experienced at maintaining older equipment which may need to be retrofitted or re-built because replacement components are no longer available.

The Electric Shop in under the direction of Jason Welle.