Custodial Services

The mission of the Custodial Services Department is to:


  • Present the interior of our world-class buildings as warm, friendly, clean, well kept, pleasant, inviting spaces through efficient, cost-effective stewardship.
  • Attract students, parents, patrons, donors.
  • Support the education process.
  • Teach and demonstrate the aesthetic dimension of life.
  • Focus on the people being served while valuing the needs of the persons in service and nourishing the importance of the capital investment already in place while employing and safeguarding the state-of-the-art equipment.

The custodial department is managed by Ralph Shay and has three custodial supervisors (Sandi Kloss, Danielle Schwagel and Jason Smith); and full time custodians (Carley Bales, Deedra Deuhs, Ronald Dietman, Donna Forster, Tymon Gouker, Jenna Herrmann, Randy Husmann, Doris Kahlhamer, Janice Klaphake, Tammy Luethmers, Melissa Nordman, Jim Oster, Cheryl Rasmussen, Jenny Rau, Bev Rohe,  Pete Schwegel, Joan Stangler, Wanda Steinemann, Barb Weyer, and approximately 45 student employees.

Together they oversee the cleanliness and upkeep of the 1.4 million square feet of interior University building space, the condition of furniture, appliances, floor and window coverings, etc., and removal of refuse and recycling.

The department is made up of very dedicated, conscientious, and efficient employees who recognize the importance of teamwork.

While accustomed to routine, the staff also exhibits great flexibility when summer programming and occupancy changes from day-to-day.