Custodial Services

The Custodial Services Department consists of custodial staff who hold responsibility for general cleaning and tidiness of campus buildings and general services staff who are responsible for repair and maintenance related items.

The team of cleaning staff is led by Danielle Schwagel (Custodial Team Lead) and four Assistant Team Leads: Deedra Deuhs, Doris Kahlhamer, Pete Schwegel, and Wanda Steinemann.

Full time custodians on staff with SJU are: Michelle Achman, Tanner Bechtold, Taylor Bechtold, Nicole Bruns, Grady Christopher, Stephenee Cline, Donna Forster, Randy Husmann, Jenna Kollar, Tammy Luethmers, Melissa Nordman, Jim Oster,  Laura Quarberg, Joan Stangler, Barb Weyer, Shawn Williams, and Adli Wunderlich.

The General Services area is led by Ralph Shay and staffed by Melanie Miller. Together, the general services team is repsonible for repair of furnishings, appliances and window coverings, pest control, refuse and recycling, and the custodial warehouse and distribution of custodial supplies on campus.

The Custodial Department is made up of very dedicated, conscientious, and efficient employees who recognize the importance of teamwork. Together the custodial team oversees the cleanliness and upkeep of the 1.4 million square feet of interior University building space. While accustomed to routine, the staff also exhibits great flexibility when summer programming and occupancy changes from day-to-day.


Contact Us

Contact Title Phone/Email Area  of Responsibility
Ralph Shay General Services Lead 320-363-2666
[email protected]
Appliances, furniture, custodial supplies, pest control, window coverings, refuse/recycling. 
Melanie Miller General Services Technician 320-363-3271
[email protected] 
Danielle Schwagel Custodial Team Lead 320-363-2517
[email protected] 
Cleaning/custodial staffing