Saint John's Prep Parking Permit Registration Form

INSTRUCTIONS:  This form is used by students of Saint John's Prep (PREP STUDENTS ONLY) to obtain a parking permit for the Academic Year. The cost of the annual permit is $150.00. Permits purchased after January of an academic year will be pro-rated to a cost of $75.00.  Temporary weekly permits are also offered but please note that these are ONLY VALID during the week(s) noted on the permit.  Vehicles using a temporary permit outside of the purchased time frame will be ticketed.

Payment is required via debit/credit card and can no longer be applied to a student’s account.

Except for short term, temporary parking permits, if you purchase a parking permit in the fall, you will be required to purchase a permit for the entire academic year.  If you leave school for any reason (graduation, withdrawal, study abroad, etc.) you are eligible to receive a refund for the unused portion of your permit, but you MUST remove the permit from your vehicle and return it to the Security Department to qualify for reimbursement.