Special Event Planning

Are you planning a special event on campus? If so, maybe we can help you!

If you are planning a special event such as a conference, concert, dance or sporting event, please contact Life Safety Services as early as possible prior to the event. This communication will help your visitors have a more pleasant experience as well as aid our department in providing for the safety of your guests and the community.

  • Professional Conference
  • Student Dance
  • Sports Event
  • Product/Retail Exposition
  • Concert
  • Guest Speaker
  • Movie
  • Theatrical Performance

Services Offered

  • General Information and Assistance
  • Money Escorts
  • Dignitary Escorts
  • Parking Regulations and Maps
  • Parking Arrangements for Event Participants
  • Officers for Security and/or Crowd Control
  • Officers to Direct Traffic
  • Crime Prevention and Safety Information
  • Medical Stand-by coordinated with the SJU EMT Squad