Office Theft Risk Assessment

Thieves look for easy opportunities to steal your valuables. To help you determine the threat of theft to your office, our department has developed an assessment program to help you evaluate your office for theft risk as well as overall office safety. Assessments take approximately 15 minutes for an average sized office.

Let us help you prevent the loss of office and personal property.

Assess your own office using our checklist. If you have any questions or comments feel free to call our office at campus extension x2144.

Office Security/Safety Checklist

Date: _______________



  • Locks
    • adequate number
    • working order
  • Doors
    • overall integrity
    • jams
    • glass condition
  • Transom
    • securable
  • Windows
    • securable
    • glass condition
    • overall integrity
  • Keys
    • access control
    • extra keys secure
    • known location of all keys
  • Computer security
    • passwords
    • turn off when not in use
  • Document security
    • paper shredder (incinerator)
    • locking file cabinets
    • located away from general public access
  • Valuables in plain sight
  • Locking cabinet, drawer, lock box
  • Adequate lighting
  • Operation ID
  • 911/ 2144 Stickers by phones
  • Fire Extinguisher
    • adequate number
    • charged
    • staff know how to operate