Building, Office, Lab, Dormitory, and Vehicle Access

General Building Access Information

Life Safety Services strives to work with students, faculty and departments to maintain safety through controlled building, office, dormitory and classroom access. It is the policy of Life Safety Services to work with students, faculty and staff to allow access to authorized individuals.


Life Safety Services has access to master keys for most every door on campus. By calling Life Safety and requesting assistance, our officer will respond to your office and unlock the door once proper identification has been established. Please note that persons not employed in an office will not be granted access to an office without explicit prior permission form the office occupant.  


Labs on campus have set hours during which student activities and use may occur. Life Safety Services will not unlock any laboratories for students to work in without explicit permission from faculty from the lab's department. At no times are students to be working by themselves in any lab outside of academic hours.

Many campus buildings have hours of operation during which general access is open to all, but are locked at night. No one shall be granted access to buildings after hours. Life Safety patrols all buildings throughout the night. Should a student be found in a building after hours, the student will be escorted from the building and a report filed.


Access to dormitories is limited to residents and approved guests only outside of "open house" hours. All dormitories open house hours are 10:30am to 12:00 Sunday-Thursday. Friday and Saturday open house hours are extended to 2:00am.

Life Safety Services office in Tommy Basement has loaner keys for all Student residences and dorms. Should you find that you are locked out, be prepared to identify yourself. Ideally a student ID or other photo id is required. Often this is not practical. Other options exist to provide for proper identification, this is to ensure that we are not granting access to your room to people who have no business there.

  • Keys must be returned as soon as possible.
  • If you have lost your key, Life Safety can sell you a replacement key at a cost of $50.00.
  • "Extra" keys are not sold. Students may have only one key at any time.
  • Life Safety Officers will not respond to your dorm to unlock your door unless there are no keys available at the Life Safety Office (even in the middle of winter for unfortunate Flynntown residents.)

Building Hours lists the hours of all campus buildings. Hours are subject to seasonal and special event changes.

Vehicle Lockout Information

Our officers are trained in vehicle unlocking. After signing a waiver form, our officers can attempt to unlock you vehicle. Vehicles with side impact airbags or activated alarms pose special problems. It is left to the discretion of the officer whether to attempt to unlock these vehicles.

There is no charge for this service.

Other options include calling locksmiths from neighboring communities.