Harassing Phone Calls

Should you receive harassing or malicious phone calls at Saint John's, immediately report this to Life Safety Services.

Phone tracing is available for malicious phone calls. An officer will meet with you and explain the procedure for activating the trace system. The officer will ask you for information regarding the call. Information like:

  1. Do you recognize the voice?
  2. On or off campus call? (one ring or double ring?)
  3. Male or female voice?
  4. Background noises or sounds?
  5. How often, number of calls?
  6. Time of calls
  7. What is the caller saying?
    • threats
    • phrases
    • noises
    • background noise

If it is at all possible, allow the caller to be recorded on your voice mail.

Information that you can give the officer will greatly help the investigation. For more information call x2144 and request an officer regarding harassing phone calls.

If you would like information regarding the Joint CSB/SJU Human Rights Policy, or feel you have a Human Rights Violation to file, contact the University Human Rights Officer x5068.