Vial Epi

Epinephrine Administration for Anaphylaxis and Status Asthmaticus

Step 1

Gather all needed supplies.

Check that vial is in good condition, not cloudy and not expired.

Step 2

Wipe rubber seal of vial with an alcohol wipe.

Step 3

Wipe injection site with alcohol wipe.

Step 4

Draw approximately 0.5 mL of AIR into syringe.

Step 5

Inject AIR into inverted vial and draw out desired dose of epinephrine.

Get the dose right.

Adult Dose:
0.3 mL (=0.3mg)

Pediatric Dose: (8 and under)
0.15 mL (=0.15mg)

Step 7

Insert needle, attempt to draw back on plunger, looking for blood in syringe.

If there is blood, withdraw needle. Prep and use another site.

If no blood Inject medication.

Preferred sites:

  • Tricep area of Arm
  • Fatty part of the Thigh

Injection is meant to be SUBCUTANEOUS (SQ).
(Meaning just beneath the skin.)

Cover the needle.

Extend Syringe Sheath.

Dispose of properly.

Dispose in SHARPS container immediately.