The EMT Squad makes every effort to ensure that current members are able to re-certify.  Ultimately, it is YOUR responsibility as an EMT to ensure that you meet continuing education requirements and to document completion throughout the certification period.  The role of the EMT Squad and the EMS Coordinator is only to facilitate that process.  All monthly meetings have a continuing education component that count toward your re-certification.  Additionally, off-campus education is available through various conferences available in the area.  The St John's EMT Squad SharePoint site is updated with the dates of these conferences as they are published.

Re-certification within the State of Minnesota is typically handled in the fall for individuals whose certification is expiring the following March.  This is an approximately 50 hour class held over three days (usually over two weekends) and meets all of the requirements for state certification while also meeting some of the requirements for re-certification for national (NREMT) certification.

You can check your expiration dates for Minnesota and National certifications yourself with the following links:

A current CPR card is a requirement for re-certification at all EMS levels.

As college students, NREMT re-certification can be particularly easy.  The NREMT makes a generous allowance for college courses to count toward continuing education credits.

  • College Courses 
    Hour for hour credit can be applied for college courses that relate to your role as an EMS professional (1 college credit = 8 CEU). For example, but not limited to anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, psychology, sociology, statistics, etc.

The EMT Squad may assist with re-certification in states other than Minnesota on a case by case basis. 
The above information is considered accurate based on information obtained during Summer, 2014 but is not guaranteed.

Please feel free to talk to the EMS Coordinator with questions.