The Bakers Dozen

During these difficult times, we hope that all of you are staying safe and doing well.  We miss seeing your smiling faces and chatting with you over meals in the Refectory Dining Room.  We look forward to the day when we will once again be able to break bread with you in person.


Until that day comes, our chefs and bakers’ are worried that you might not be getting all of the delicious food that you deserve.  We would like to ask for your help in putting their minds at easy by sharing pictures of all of the wonderful things you’re doing at home with that most legendary of baked items.


Whether you’re an alumni, student, monastic, or a friend of St. John’s we’d like to know how you’re putting Johnnie Bread to use.  From something as simple as a recreation of your first memorable hot bread night freshman year, to that warm, crisp slice of morning toast, to a creative culinary masterpiece, we’d like to see it.


Please send photos to [email protected].  Include your name, class year or connection to St. John's (if applicable), and what you created.  Also, if you have a Johnnie Bread story you'd like to share, we would love to hear those as well.  Photos will be added regularly, so check back often.


Johnnie Bread Gallery

 To start things off, here are some photos of St. John's Dining Service Executive Chef Art Martinez's favorite ways to prepare Johnnie Bread.  Including hole-in-the-wall, French toast, and the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

Johnnie Bread Photos                  Johnnie Bread Photos

Johnnie Bread Photos                  Johnnie Bread Photos



Submitted by Noah Raiche '00 - St. John's Events Office.

Garlic bread with homemade bouja.

Johnnie Bread Photos                  Johnnie Bread Photos



Submitted by Larry.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This one perfectly sums up exactly how we all feel about Johnnie Bread!

Johnnie Bread Photos



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