Large Meeting / Banquet Rooms

Saint John’s has numerous facilities which are ideal for meetings, workshops, lectures, socials, dinners, and weddings.  Each room has a distinct style and quality, which can enhance any event.  Below is a venue guide.



Located at the heart of the St. John’s campus and dating back to 1868, the Quadrangle (commonly referred to as the Quad) boasts a historic and elegant brick and timber interior, while still providing all of the accommodations of a state of the art building.  The Quad offers several large meeting rooms as well as a variety of smaller classrooms for breakout sessions.


Founders Room (Quad 170)

Founders Room Dinner


Founders Room Lecture Set


Founders Room Conference Block



Centenary Room (Quad 264)

Q264 Dinner


Q264 Lecture


Q264 Presentation Rounds



Great Hall

Great Hall Dinner


Great Hall Dinner


Great Hall Concert



Sexton Commons

Conveniently located in the center of campus with adjacent parking, this architecturally stunning building is home to the Sexton Dining Room, Br. Willies Pub, and the campus bookstore.


Sexton Dining Room / Br. Willies Pub

Sexton Wedding


Sexton Dinner


Br. Willies Pub



Guild Hall

Formally known as the Old Gym, Guild Hall is a versatile space that offers a wide range of possibilities from athletic events and indoor recreation to large banquets and wedding receptions with dances.


Guild Hall

Guild Hall Dinner


Guild Hall Formal Meal


Guild Hall Wedding