St. John's University Meal Plan Terms of Use

By participating in a Saint John’s University meal plan, you are agreeing to these terms of use. Terms of use may be amended at any time at the discretion of Saint John’s University.



You agree to pay the meal plan rate as posted on the Saint John’s Dining Service and Events webpages and as approved by the board of regents. Your rate is determined by the plan you select. Meal plan service is for the academic year, billed at the start of each semester. Rates may be changed due to extenuating circumstances.



  • Meal plans include service for the fall semester and spring semester. Summer service is available for an additional cost. Meal passes are inactive during winter break, but dining bucks may be used to purchase individual meals in the Refectory.

Meal plan service for Fall Semester 2022 will be provided as follows:

Meal Plan Dates

The rate for a Continuous meal plan will be adjusted on a prorated basis when a student purchases a meal plan later than the tenth (10th) day of classes. Rates for block plans are not adjusted regardless of when the plan is purchased.



  • Students of Saint John’s University are eligible to purchase meal plans.
  • Residents of most campus housing are required to be on either the Continuous or Block 200 plan and are automatically assigned the Continuous plan. The Continuous plan may be changed to the Block 200 plan.
  • Residents of Frank House apartments and other on-campus apartments are automatically assigned the Apartment 80 plan. The Apartment 80 plan may be changed to any other plan or no plan.
  • Students living in off-campus housing or at home are encouraged to participate in a meal plan and may opt to purchase any plan or no plan.
  • Non-occupancy of required residential housing does not exempt a student from the meal plan.

See Meal Plan Changes section for information on dates and how to change meal plans.


Meal plan changes

  • Meal plans may be changed to a smaller plan once each semester prior to the end of the tenth (10th) day of classes and will result in a billing adjustment, as applicable.
  • Meal plans may be changed to a larger plan at any time and will result in a billing adjustment as applicable.
  • To change a meal plan, please fill out a Meal Plan Change Form.  If you need assistance, please contact the Dining Service and Events office in Quad 090 or by phone at 320-363-3487.


Meal plan cancellations

  • Students living at home, in off-campus housing, or in-residence halls where meal plans are optional may cancel their meal plan prior to the end of the tenth (10th) day of classes. They will be billed for all Dining Bucks and guest passes used prior to the cancellation, plus a prorated weekly rate for a Continuous plan or the actual number of meals used for a Block 200, Apartment 80, or Apartment 30 plan.
  • To cancel a meal plan, complete the Meal Plan Change Form.
  • Cancellations will not be accepted after the deadline.


Meal passes

  • Meal passes provide access to The Refectory at Saint John’s University or Gorecki Center at College of Saint Benedict. Meals at these locations are served buffet-style and are all-you-care-to-eat during a single visit while dining in the facility.


Dining bucks

  • Dining bucks are prepaid declining balance funds included with meal plans that can be used to purchase additional meals at The Refectory at SJU or Gorecki Center at CSB, or for a la carte purchases of food and nonalcoholic beverages at Sexton Commons, Brother Willie’s Pub, and The Schu at SJU, and Good 2 Go, McGlynn’s Sports Café, and Clemens Perk at CSB.
  • Additional Dining bucks may be added through the GET app, online, or in the Dining Services office.


Guest passes

  • Continuous meal plans include four guest passes per semester, which may be used to bring a guest into The Refectory or Gorecki Center. Apartment 80 and Apartment 30 meal passes may be used for guests.
  • The meal plan participant must be present when using a meal pass as a guest pass.


Retail meal exchanges

  • Retail meal exchanges are designated meal combinations at Sexton Commons or McGlynn’s that may be obtained using a meal pass.


Refunds & credits

  • Except as noted under Meal Plan Cancellations, refunds or credits will not be given for meals not eaten, whether during or at the end of a semester or academic year, except in cases of prolonged illness or other extraordinary and unavoidable absences in excess of seven (7) consecutive calendar days, assuming the student returns to campus after the absence. Please contact the Dining Services office to inquire. Documentation will be required.
  • Low usage or no usage of a meal plan are not considered as a basis for a refund.


Meal plans and ID card usage

  • Meal plan participants must present their Saint John’s ID card for admission into The Refectory or Gorecki Center, for purchases in retail dining facilities, or when requested by an SJU or CSB staff member. The person using the ID card must be the person whose photo appears on it.
  • If a card is presented for use by someone other than the person pictured on the card or if use of a meal pass results in an alert that the card is invalid or was reported lost, the card will be retained by the cashier and turned in to SJU Life Safety. Fraudulent use of another person’s card may result in student conduct charges.
  • To protect the safety of meal plans, all accounts must be accessed by the cashier scanning the card, not by keying in the account or card number.
  • Meal plans, including meal passes, dining bucks, and guest passes, are not sharable with, transferable to, or saleable to other individuals.
  • Meal passes, dining bucks, and guest passes provided with each meal plan expire at the end of each semester. No meal passes, dining bucks, or guest passes will be refunded.


Meal plan exemptions

  • Dining center menus satisfy nutritional needs for most medical dietary requirements and faith-based or lifestyle dietary practices. Dining staff and/or the administrative Registered Dietitian are available to work with meal plan participants to meet specific dietary needs. Students with special dietary needs will be released from a required meal plan only if, in the sole opinion and discretion of SJU Dining’s Registered Dietitian, their special dietary needs cannot be met. Documentation from medical, behavioral health, or other professionals may be required.
  • Requests to be exempted from a meal plan for reasons other than medical dietary requirements and/or faith-based or lifestyle dietary practices will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances by the Executive Director of Dining and Events in consultation with Student Accessibility Services or other university officials. Documentation from medical, behavioral health, or other professionals may be required.


Lost, damaged, and temporary ID cards

  • To protect your meal plan and Dining bucks, report lost cards immediately to Life Safety.
    Temporary meal passes may be purchased at the Dining Services office. Proof of identification will be required.
  • Do not punch holes in your SJU ID, as it can cause the card to crack or break. Meal plan participants with broken, bent, cracked, or taped cards may be required to replace them to prevent damage to electronic equipment. Replacements may be obtained at Life Safety.


Sick meals

  • Students with meal plans and living on-campus may obtain a carryout meal if sick, confined to their residence hall room, or otherwise unable to come to the Refectory.


Dining facilities conduct

  • Shoes and shirts are required in all Dining locations.
  • Rollerblades®, skateboards, personal portable scooters, and other recreational wheeled transportation devices are not permitted to be used in Dining locations.
  • Please take only what you can eat and do not waste food. Food waste is a major environmental issue and increases costs for all meal plan participants.
  • Please clear your dishes to the dish conveyor belt before you leave.
  • Food, beverages, dinnerware, and flatware are not to be taken out of the facility.
  • Dining Service and Events management staff reserve the right to ask for identification and student cooperation at any time, and to modify conduct expectations at any time, temporarily or permanently.