Meal Plan Options

Meal Plans:

Below are the 2020 - 2021 meal plan options that are available for SJU students.  Being on a meal plan provides several advantages for the college-bound student.

• A variety of healthy food choices! It is more than fast food; it will provide good fuel for you to study and work on the GPA.      

• Time saver! By letting us do the shopping, cooking and washing of dishes, it will provide valuable time for you.

• Excellent value for your money!

• Four convenient campus locations to dine at and use their meal plan: Two all-you-care-to-eat dining spaces (SJU Refectory and CSB Gorecki Center) and two locations that provide for a la carte and snack purchases.   

Students living in a Residence Hall:   The University requires that all SJU students living in Thomas, Mary, Benet, Bernard, Boniface, Patrick, Joe Hall and Greg House participate in a residential housing meal plan.   First-year,sophomore and other upper- class students, who live in the above locations, are automatically assigned the Continuous/Unlimited plan. Students have the choice to change to the Full Block Plan, Plus 250 Dining Bucks plan, which does have an cost difference.

Students living in On Campus Apartment Style living:  Students are automatically assigned the Apartment 80 Plan, Plus 200 Dining Bucks plan.  Students are encouraged to be on a meal plan, however, a meal plan is not a requirement, and Apartment Style living students have the ability to change to any plan, including a NO meal plan option.

Students living Off campus:  Students are assigned to a No Plan.  Students are encouraged to be on a meal plan, and off campus students have the ability to sign up for any of the meal plan options.

Meal Plan:

Continuous/Unlimited Plan:   This plan allows unlimited entry to the Refectory or the Gorecki Dining Center 7 days a week during designated operating hours. Continuous Pass Meal Punches used at the Refectory or Gorecki Dining Center are designated for dine in only.      $2963 semester

• Additional Daily Meal Punch - This plan includes 1 meal punch per day that can be used at the Retail Operations of Sexton or McGlynn's for 1 designated combo meal per day (al a carte and retail items excluded).

• Dinning Bucks - This includes 150 Dining Bucks per semester that can be used at any of the dining locations.

• Guest Passes - Ideal for visiting family and friends, this plan includes 4 free guest passes per semester that can be used at the Refectory or the Gorecki Dining Center. 

Full Block Plan:    The Block plan has 160 meal passes for the entire semester plus 250 Dining Bucks for the entire semester. ($6.50 Dining Bucks purchases a meal)    $2679 semester

• Dining Bucks allow students to purchase additional meals at SJU Refectory and Sexton Commons, or CSB Gorecki Center and McGlynn's.  Students can also use their Bucks to purchase snack food and beverage items in SJU Sexton Commons, The Schu and McGlynn's. 

Apartment-style Plans:  Additional plans available to students in apartment style living housing.

Apt 80 plan:  This plan gives students the opportunity to eat an average of six to seven meals per week.  The plan has 80 meals plus 200 Dining Bucks for the entire semester.   $1168 semester

• Dining Bucks:  This plan includes 200 Dining Bucks which can be used to purchase food and beverage items at cash operations or for additional discounted meals during the semester in the SJU Student Refectory Dining Room or The Gorecki Center.  Discounted meals:  (Breakfast $7.25  Lunch $8.00  Dinner $9.75)   

Apt 30 plan:  Plan gives apartment students the opportunity to eat an average of two all you care to eat meals per week.  This plan has 30 meals plus 50 Dining Backs.  $414 semester

• Dining Bucks:  This plan includes 50 Dining Bucks which are convenient when purchasing food and beverage items in the al a carte dining areas at SJU and CSB.  The use of Dining Bucks at all you care to eat locations is at regular meal rates. SJU (Breakfast $9.95  Lunch $12.10  Dinner $12.25)

General Information:

Punch, Meal, or Bucks?

It is understandable that with words like "Punch" and "Dining Bucks" floating around that you might not understand just how a meal plan works. You are probably asking yourself, "Ok, but what does it mean?"

What are Punches or Weekly Meal Passes? 

A Punch or Meal Pass allows a student entrance into the SJU Refectory and the Gorecki Dining/Conference at CSB, the two all-you-care-to-eat dining halls on campus or for weekly meal specials at the cash operations.  All food must be consumed in the dining halls. If you are on the Comfort plan, weekly meal pass balances must be used by Sunday evening of each week. They do not transfer to the next week. During the weeks when school breaks are scheduled, the meal plan will be prorated to reflect those shortened weeks.

All Meal plans, meals and Dining Bucks, expire at the end of the each Semester. 

What are Dining Bucks ?           

Dining Bucks are included in the meal plan to give students added meal flexibility. Each Dining Buck has the same value as $1.00. Dining Bucks may be used at dining locations on the CSB or the SJU campus. Students can use their Dining Bucks to purchase additional meals beyond the weekly passes or they can be used to purchase individual drinks or snacks. If need be, you may add additional Dining Bucks to your food account throughout the semester.

 All Meal plans, meals and Dining Bucks, expire at the end of each Semester.

Student Meal Plan and Dining Bucks Refund Policy:    

All Dining Buck deposits are added to a student campus meal plan. Dining Bucks purchased are non-refundable. Meal Plans expire at 12:00am (Midnight) the morning after the last final in the Fall/Spring Semester; Meal Passes and Dining Bucks must be used by the end of each Semester. Any remaining Meal Passes and Dining Bucks will be completely forfeited at that time and is not eligible for a refund, rollover, gift card or anything that holds value or that may be used in exchange for goods/services.


Exemption for a Resident from the meal contract may be authorized by the Director of Dining Service in consultation with the Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life, or designee.  Medical or extra-ordinary circumstance documentation is needed if you are applying to reduce or be exempt from the meal plan.