Student Meal Plan Information

Meal Plan Options

Meal plans have always been a smart and convenient way for you to save money. That's because on average an on-campus meal costs less and, along with larger, unlimited portions, has on average more variety than a meal you might buy almost anywhere else. The design of the meal plan options are an opportunity to help budget your food dollars.

SJU meal options are a combination of declining meal counts and Dining Bucks. The meals and Dining Bucks are managed and tracked through a computer based access system. This gives you maximum flexibility to use your meal plan when it is most convenient for you.

How to Choose!

When choosing a meal plan option estimate how many meals per week you normally eat. Be sure to consider your weekend eating habits. If you are involved in athletics, extracurricular activities or have off campus employment these will affect the number of meals per week you will need.

During the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semester, students are allowed to adjust their meal plans at any time to meet their needs. After this two week period, options may only be upgraded. Changes and upgrades may be done in the Dining Service Office during regular business hours.

Running Low on DINING BUCKS?

Additional funds may be added to your food account throughout the semester. Value may be increased at the SJU Dining Service Office during regular business hours. Dining Bucks may be purchased by either paying cash or credit card. One Dining Buck equals one dollar, so to add 50 Dining Bucks you need to pay $50. By using Dining Bucks, you eliminate the need to carry cash and reduce the risk of theft.

Initially, Dining bucks are added to each participating student's food account at the beginning of each semester. Any Dining bucks remaining in their food account at the end of the semester are non-refundable.

Dining Bucks Refund Policy:

Students: All Dining Buck deposits made through Get Funds are added to a student campus meal plan. Dining Bucks purchased are non-refundable. Meal plans, Meals and Dining Bucks, expire at the end of each semester. Remaining Meals and  Dining Bucks will be completely forfeited at that time and is not eligible for a refund, rollover, gift card or anything that holds value or that may be used in exchange for goods/services.

Employee: All Dining Buck deposits made through Get Funds are added to an employee meal plan account and can be used as long as the individual is an employee of SJU. Refunds are available to employees who leave employment at SJU/OSB. The request for a refund needs to be in writing to the SJU Dining Service. Refunds will be issued either via check or cash. Requests for a refund need to be made within 6 months after departing.