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Brother Willies Pub offers the student community of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University (CSB/SJU) with a social environment that fosters community. Open since March 1994, Brother Willie's Pub is dedicated to enhancing the culture and academic-ethos of the college experience and provides excellent customer service.

Although the pub is closed during the day, the space is open to the public, students, and faculty to watch their favorite television shows while enjoying a meal from Sexton Dining Services, socialize with entertaining activities like pool and darts, and host club events. Politics and a Pint, Theology on Tap, Praise in the Pub, and Senate meetings are some weekly events that are hosted in the pub. Other events occur upon request without charge. Requests may be made to Brother Willie's Pub student management  team at [email protected].

Every Friday, there is happy hour from 4:00-8:00 pm which includes free appetizers, such as chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, meatballs, and cheese bread. The pub serves beers on tap such as Guiness, Summit EPA, Miller Lite, Leinenkugel's, Third Street, and Angry Orchard.

During open hours, or when alcohol is served, the pub is closed to everyone under the age of 21. Any event serving alcohol while students are present must have an alcohol permitViolations of underage drinking are subject to fines under the MN state laws. Please refer to the student handbook for policies under drinking alcohol for more information.