SJU Culinary Services Student Employee Evaluation

Please complete the following evaluation.



Your answers will be received by Adria Gillitzer, Dietitian/ Administrative Manager, and Daniel Perez and Ethan Andersen, your student managers. Include your full name if you would like for the student managers to get back to you about an issue. All evaluation information will be shared with the supervisors, but the names of the evaluators will be kept completely confidential.

Thank you in advance for providing your thoughtful feedback!

Please fill out one evaluation for every supervisor that you regularly work with.
Evaluation for (check one):
Evaluation of supervisor:
Attitude: The supervisor has a positive attitude towards work and while interacting with others. Is upbeat, friendly, approachable.
Comprehension: The supervisor is knowledgable about all aspects of the Dining Service. Knows how to operate the dish machine, run the dining room stations, where to find things.
Fairness: The supervisor treats employees in a manner that is fair, consistent and unbiased. Distributes tasks equally among employees.
Judgement: The supervisor effectively handles stressful situations, including rushes and unplanned events. Moves quickly to adjust to unforeseen circumstances and delegates effectively.
Leadership: The supervisor is able to direct people well and give quality on-the-job training. Explains new tasks and works alongside employees to facilitate learning.
Cooperation: The supervisor is easy to work with. Gives constructive criticism and is respectful.
Approachability: The supervisor listens and answers all work-related questions.
Communication: The supervisor verbally assigns students to their work stations, reports changes, makes announcements, and responds to any calls/ texts.
Role Model: The supervisor is a good role model by keeping busy and maintaining a professional attitude.

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