SJU Athletics Mission

Saint John’s University Athletic Department Mission
The Saint John’s University’s Athletic Department seeks to advance the mission of the University by empowering student-athletes and encouraging them toward lives marked by high academic, athletic and social achievement, personal accountability, and public contribution while holistically developing each individual within the academic community. 

Coaching Values
Saint John’s University Coaches value personal growth and development, teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship, competition, and ethical conduct. 

Learning Outcomes
Saint John’s University Athletics promotes a healthy lifestyle by engaging in a physically active life, respect for self and others, and good sportsmanship through positive competition, community, teamwork, fitness, wellness and the desire to achieve excellence athletically and academically as key elements of a well-rounded Catholic, Benedictine, residential, liberal arts education.

We aspire to have the Saint John’s University Athletic Program recognized as one of the finest and most competitive intercollegiate athletics programs in all NCAA Division III athletics.