Intramural Sports Leagues

Saint John's Intramural Schedule


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Fall Term (2nd Session)

  • Halloween Kickball Tournament (Oct. 30)
  • Men's Kickball
  • Men's Pickleball (Doubles)
  • Men's Spikeball
  • Men's Basketball H-O-R-S-E
  • Co-Rec Kickball


  • eSPORTS: Rocket Ball & Madden
    • Dates: 11/9- 11/13; 12/7- 12/10
  • Men's Bean Bags
    • Dates: 11/9- 11/13; 12/7- 12/10
  • Men's Basketball Around the World Shootout
    • Dates: 11/9- 11/13; 12/7- 12/10
    • 2 Teams face off in around the world. Whichever team finishes first wins! One teammate is shooting while the other teammate rebounds. Each team member must complete around the world 5 times. *Only one JV/Varsity basketball player per team.
  • Men's Fitness Competition
    • Challenge yourself against others to stay healthy! Certain activities are worth different point values (ex: 1 point per mile while running). Each participant will fill out their weekly point sheet online over a 6-week period. Scores must be submitted by Monday morning. The student with the most points wins!