Walking Together: Pilgrimage to George Floyd Square

"If we walk and talk and work and play and stand together in Jesus’ name we’ll be who we say we are truly Catholic and we shall overcome – overcome the poverty overcome the loneliness – overcome the alienation and build together a Holy city, a new Jerusalem, a city set apart where they’ll know that we are here because we love one another." - Sr. Thea Bowman, Servant of God

This Spring 2023, SJUfaith and Modern Catholic Pilgrim  will host a pilgrimage from Saint John's University to George Floyd Square in  Minneapolis, MN. Walking Together are pilgrimages for racial justice and reconcilliation that help us live out Sr. Thea Bowman's powerful words. 

The Pilgrmage will take place the week of May 15-21st.

This program will prompt pilgrims to reflect on identity, social justice, and faith.  In preparation for this experience, pilgrims will be asked to meet once a week and are encouraged to prepare by walking, spending time in community and reflection with other group participants.  In making this pilgrimage, SJUfaith and MCP aim to fulfill the words of Sr. Thea Bowman

We will be staying with host families from multiple Catholic parishes along the Interstate 94 corridor between Collegeville and Minneapolis.  Pilgrims will hike roughly 80 miles from Collegeville to George Floyd Square in Minneapolis. Open to both Bennies and Johnnies. There is no associated cost with this trip.

If you are intersted please sign up here!

Keep posted to SJUfaith on social media for future pilgrimage opportunities.  Enjoy a few snapshots from the experience:

Departing St. Michael, photo credit Bernie Gauthe.

Church of Ascension with Will Peterson (far right), founder of Modern Catholic Pilgrim, photo credit Katie Peterson.

Praying with Marquis Bowie and Pastor Rozenia Hood Fuller at George Floyd Square, 38th Street and Chicago Ave, Minneapolis MN.
Photo Credit: Brian Mogren

Pilgrims arriving to George Floyd Place on Sunday, May 15.  From left to right: Pastor Rozenia Hood Fuller, Grace Michel (CSB, '24), Courtney Huiras (CSB, '25), Pat Martin (SJU, '16, '20), Ms. Angela Harrelson, Henry Ricker (SJU '22), Ms. Eliza 'Gatekeeper' Wesley, Fredi Ponce Parra (SJU, '24), Mr. Marquis Bowie, and Peter Hommes (SJU, '24). 
Not pictured: Jesus Moreno Gutierrez (SJU, '25)
Photo Credit: Brian Mogren