Service and Immersion Student Leaders

SJUfaith is seeking student leaders to apply to be Service and Immersion Trip Leaders for the immersive experiences that aim for students to engage their faith with service and encounter faith in action.  We are seeking students who have an ability to facilitate meaningful discussions on faith and social concern, good decision making, and are organized.  If these are things which you do well, have an interest on learning more about social justice, and practice principled achievement through faith, please complete this application and we will be in touch for an interview soon!

We are looking for the following responsibilities and qualifications for Service Immersion Student Leaders:


  • Recruit students to participate in the Spring Break Immersion program
    • Up to 10 students to recruit!
  • Coordinate with SJUfaith Coordinator on logistics and communication
  • Connect with host contacts at location of immersion experience
    • Act as liaison between the hosts and student participants
  • Lead students in preparatory meetings
    • Guide conversations and discussions about faith and social justice concerns of the host community
    • Communicate logistics and preparedness for the trip for participants
  • Openness to driving while on the experience
    • Manage driving directions, rotate drivers, make safe travel choices


  • Demonstrated organizational ability
    • Possesses patterns/habits/practices one uses to manage multiple projects and to get things done
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities
    • An ability to assert leadership qualities with a group
    • Provide a shepherding role for the group
    • Inclusive and responsible
  • Ability to host dialogue amongst students to further concepts of service and immersion
    • Openness and willingness to lead discussions of faith
  • Team player
    • Demonstrates ability to work with others, especially with one other co-leader, coordinate logistics with CSB Campus Ministry and SJUfaith Coordinators, and dialogue with host partners

Apply Here to be a Service and Immersion LEADER