FYRE Leadership

What does it mean to be a FYRE Leader?

We are looking for sophomore, junior, and senior leaders who are supportive of first-year students' experiences as they begin their faith journeys here at CSB/SJU and who are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment both on FYRE and beyond with retreatants and other leaders. 

No prior retreat experience required. All current first-years, sophomores, and juniors who will be on campus in the fall are welcome to apply. 

Apply here!

Applications will be accepted through Monday, April 18 at midnight.

 Previous FYRE Leader Testimonies

  • “Being a FYRE leader is such an influential role in building the CSB/SJU communityYou have a fantastic opportunity to help first-years recognize that they belong at CSB/SJU, and that's a very powerful experience.”  -Michael Sulaiman, SJU ‘21 
  • “Being a FYRE leader was a wonderful experience! It not only connected me to first years and other members of the CSB/SJU community but provided an opportunity for me to grow deeper in my faith- in an environment conducive for said growth. FYRE was hands down a part of my top 5 CSB/SJU experiences!”  -Simeon FarquharsonSJU ‘21 
  • "Most of the preparation that goes into being a FYRE leader involves developing a deeper understanding of who we and who our fellow leaders are. Doing so has shaped me into a leader worthy of engaging with first years in a way that makes them feel welcome but more so, become acquaintances or even friends. So become a leader—you will not only learn more about yourself but about the great impact first years can have on our community." -Isaac Kubalak, SJU ‘22  
  • Being a FYRE leader has helped me to do my own reflection on how my faith life has evolved throughout my college experience since I went on the FYRE retreat myself. It was an excellent way to give back to a retreat that gave me so much as a first-year at CSB/SJU! - Molly Johnson, CSB '21


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SJUfaith Retreats ([email protected]