Ministerial Resident Program


At SJU Campus Ministry we promote a dynamic, learning community where undergraduates, graduate students, professional staff and missionaries are mutually enriched by young adult ministry.

Our Ministerial Resident program offers a generous 2-3 year graduate assistantship to full-time graduate students of the Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary (SOT/Sem) to grow in ministerial experience in a formative and communal way, unique to the Catholic, Benedictine tradition of Saint John's.


Join us in creating and cultivating inspiring liturgical experiences for undergraduate students.  Walk with them in their journey of Benedictine Spirituality while engaging in a joyful and energetic workplace!  Responsibilities include directing the student choir and creating formative opportunities for liturgical ministers.

Questions?  Email  Ministerial Resident for Liturgy

Image of Ministerial Resident for Liturgy Interaction

Director of Social Outreach


Be the leader of this dynamic team dedicated to developing and integrating faith, theology, justice and service into life-changing experiences for undergraduates at Saint John's University!  Responsibilities include oversight of our Prison Ministry Corps, monthly service missions, and Prayer & Works series.

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Jump in and learn essential skills in fostering leadership and faith development, creating community, and nurturing meaningful relationships rooted in the Benedictine Practices!  All while fostering life-long relationships in Saint John's Campus Ministry!  Responsibilities include leading our First Year Retreat Experince (FYRE) and developing a leadership program for upperclassmen.

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Director of Retreats

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Serve both SJU Campus Ministry and the Collegeville Institute staffs to strengthen and develop faith-sharing communities.  This position is particular for undergraduate men to grow in awareness of their individual and communal callings.  Who am I?  What does the community need of me?  Who does God call me to be?  Responsibilities include supporting Johnnie Brothers, co-creating a Benedictine-inspired Bible study, and innovating language of vocation and calling into CSB/SJU culture. 

Please contact Katharine Montemurri if you are interested in learning more!


"Working in Campus Ministry as a Ministerial Resident gives a special opportunity to be a spiritual and communal presence on campus to undergraduate students, the flexibility to be a full-time graduate student yourself, all while gaining much needed experience for the next stages in life!"

- Maria Siebels
SOT '19 Director of Retreats

"This rewarding opportunity is far more than a job; here, life-changing friendships are made with your fellow Ministerial Residents, and you have opportunities to meet with students who have real questions and aspirations.  I am proud to serve in this position, which is deepening my faith and also preparing me to leave campus and be a competent and just lay-leader in the Church and in my community."

- Alex Blechle
SOT '19 Director of Social Outreach


We host four Ministerial Residents in the following areas:  Liturgy, Retreats, Service and Immersions (Social Outreach), and Faith-Sharing Communities.  Our application timeline for the 2020-2021 Academic Year is as follows:

  • Early February - Application opens for Ministerial Residents
  • February/March - Interviews are offered on a rolling basis to qualified applicants
  • Qualified applicants are those who have been accepted to an SOT/Sem Master's program
  • April 1 - Offers are made to priority hires (those who have been admitted to and who have enrolled in the SOT/Sem)
Click here to apply for a Ministerial Resident position for 2019-2020!

For more information about the Ministerial Resident Program, view the SOT/Sem's website  here or contact one of our Ministerial Residents directly.

For more questions, email Margaret Nuzzolese Conway, Director of Campus Ministry at Saint John's University.