FOCUS Mission Trips

Why go on Mission?

In basic conformation to our Catholic faith, if we truly wish to fulfill the Great Commission we are called to actually GO therefore and make disciples of all nations. There is no lack of clarity in the Gospel message that serving the poor is an essential component of following Christ. We not only seek to serve the physical needs of the poor, but also recognize the message of hope in Jesus Christ that is desperately needed in every corner of the earth.

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More FOCUS Mission Opportunities

Varsity Catholic Sports Camp Mission Trips

These trips provide an extremely unique opportunity to bring your faith and sport together to serve impoverished youth around the globe. These trips are designed for student athletes; they include hosting and facilitating sports camps while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Varsity Catholic

Mission: to pursue the imperishable crown, introduce the hearts and minds of student-athletes to our Lord and His Church, and to live completely as Disciples of Christ.

Vision: to become the premier outreach of collegiate athletes, known for developing young men and women into inspirational leaders on their campus and across the globe.

If you are a Johnnie or Student-Athlete contact Corey Manning for more information on how to sign up for a bible study or mentorship.