Theo on Tap[e]

Need a little inspiration? Plug in to our new virtual, Theology-on-Tap-inspired conversation series, Theo on Tap[e]. In each episode, SJUfaith students interview a member of our CSB/SJU community about topics relevant to leading a life of faith today! 

Missed an episode? Check them out here:

Fall 2020:

Episode 1: Fr. Nickolas Becker, OSB on Voting with you Moral Conscience |  YouTube - Spotify 

Episode 2: Brandyn Woodard of IISS on the intersection of Racial Justice and Faith - Part I  |  YouTube - Spotify 

Episode 3: Brandyn Woodard of IISS on the intersection of Faith and Racial Justice - Part II  |  Youtube - Spotify

Episode 4: The Benedictine Volunteer Corps with Cameron Swanson  |  Youtube - Spotify

Episode 5: Theology and Economics with Dan Finn  |  Youtube - Spotify

Spring 2021:

Episode 6: Eric LeCompte and Jubilee Economics  |  Youtube - Spotify

Episode 7: Derek Larson on the Benedictine Value of Stewardship  |  Youtube - Spotify 

Episode 8: Chris Conway on Interfaith and Comparative Theology  |  Youtube - Spotify 

Episode 9: Kristin Colberg and Shawn Colberg on Vocations  |  Youtube - Spotify 

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Have a great idea for a topic or conversation partner for our series?  Let us know at [email protected]