Johnnie Brothers

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This is an all-male opportunity designed for first-year Johnnies.  Men are placed in a group with seven to nine other classmates and two monastic or lay guides.


Johnnie Brothers meet regularly for about an hour in a residence hall or other on-campus room over a shared meal and conversation.  The meetings follow a simple theme and each year builds on the next.  The meetings are pretty simple:  Get together, enjoy a meal, talk about issues encountered by guys at SJU. Themes are questions like, "Who am I?," "How did I get here?," "Who are the important people in my life?," "Who am I called to be," and "What's God's role in my life?"  By talking about these with a trusted group of men, you can make the most out of your SJU experience. 


Join for one semester and then your group decides whether or not you would like to advance to the next year.  Most groups tend to continue after one semester, even for four years. There is a one-day retreat when all Johnnie Brothers groups come together for a day of reflection.


The program is fully funded and supported by SJU.  All we ask is for your commitment to your group and your openness to others.


While many Johnnies have already made great friends with floormates, this is a chance to form deep, meaningful relationships. Additionally, Johnnies have access to two leaders on campus and learn more about who you are becoming.  Formerly known as "Men's Spirituality Groups," this program has been a foundation of Saint John's since 1995.  Hundreds of SJU alumni say that this was one of the most impactful programs during their time here.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining this program please email Margaret Nuzzolese-Conway.