Sacred Spaces

At SJU it is our Catholic and Benedictine belief to recognize and appreciate that the divine presence is everywhere. {RB 19.1}
Nestled among 2900 acres of sacred space, several spaces formally mark places of prayer and worship.

Abbey and University Church

Saint John's Abbey Church exterior

Built 1958-1961

The Abbey & University Church is the central hub of worship for both the university and the monastery at Saint John's. Renowned for its revolutionary architecture designed by famed architect Marcel Breuer, the space is a spectacle for the senses, from the visual splendor of the soaring concrete and the beautiful honey-combed stained glass to the overwhelmingly echoing acoustics. 9PM Student Mass is held every week of the academic year in the Abbey & University Church. It is also where the monks pray the Liturgy of the Hours and celebrate daily 5PM Mass. In addition to the regular monastic and student religious services, the Abbey Church is used for a number of events. Seating approximately 2,000, the church is used for some of the largest events on campus, including convocation and commencement ceremonies, as well as choral concerts, organ recitals, and large lectures. In the lower-level of the Abbey & University Church is the Assumption Chapel. Assumption Chapel is the location of several Campus-wide reconciliation services each year.

  • Open 7am to 10pm
  • Click here for Schedule

Saint Francis Chapel

Built 1943, Remodeled 1993 St. Francis Chapel interior

Saint Francis Chapel is a small Chapel nestled in the quiet space between Saint Francis House and the Liturgical Press. Originally built as a screened in work area for the Francian Sisters, Saint Francis Chapel has been repurposed as an intimate prayer space for up to 40 people. Filled with natural light, this chapel space is home to the Campus Ministry Friday 1:30pm Mass. This chapel is a place for students, staff, and visitors to take a quiet prayer break and is also available for reservation for bible studies, meditation groups, and faith sharing.

Interfaith Community Space

New as of Fall 2020, this space is Sexton 400 - a beautiful space with a gorgeous view of campus, natural light, and central location on the SJU campus. This space is intended for one of any faith to use for prayer, meditation, worship, or otherwise celebrate their faith tradition, recognizing that with many faith traditions on campus, we can come together in dialogue, prayer, and cooperation.  This space can fit about 12 people.

  • Open anytime
  • Email [email protected] or call 320-363-2790 if you would like to reserve the space.

Stella Maris Chapel

Exterior Stella Maris Chapel

Built 1872, burned 1903
Rebuilt 1915
Renovated 1943, 1989, and 2007

The Stella Maris Chapel is a popular hiking and/or canoeing destination. "Stella Maris" means "Star of the Sea.” The original chapel was constructed on "chapel island" in 1872. Destroyed by fire, it was replaced in this form in 1916. It is reached via a two-mile hike along the shores of Lake Sagatagan and is a popular place to pray in the Abbey Arboretum.

  • Always open

Emmaus Chapel - Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Chapel

Built 1950, remodeled 1993 Emmaus Hall Chapel, Mary Mother of our Redeemer Chapel interior

Emmaus Hall is home to the  Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Chapel is located in Emmaus Hall and primarily provides graduate theology students with a worship space and a sacred learning lab. Tuesday Mass and Encounter are held in this chapel. The warm esthetics, versatile seating arrangements, and moderate size make this chapel a great prayer space for up to 150 people.

  • Open 6am – 10pm
    • The chapel is reserved for SOT community Prayer:

Tuesdays, 11am – 12:30pm
Thursdays, 10:30am – 12:30pm