Students 1857-1915

This is the most definitive listing known of the early students at St. John’s (College, Seminary, Preparatory School, and University – between which distinctions are not made on this list).  It may have been compiled largely by consulting lists that were regularly published in the Catalogs and The Record.

An attempt has been made to correct obvious errors, but please email the Archivist concerning any that may remain.

NOTE: International students are in red

A TRNSCR number in the first column indicates that the SJU Archives has a transcript for this student.

For a list of early students at the College of Saint Benedict, click here.

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College Life (book) Image

Perhaps also of interest:
College Life: A Manual for Students. 1898 edition.

This was a small book on rules of behavior written for St. John’s students by Alexius Hoffman, OSB. It has chapters on:
1. The Student’s Life
2. Studies
3. Personal Qualities
4. Good Behaviour
5. The Christian Student
6. Table Etiquette
7. Literary Societies
8. Letters
9. What to Read