Wimmer Hall (Old Library) Chronology

“Excavations for the foundation of the new library building were begun on April 12. As we go to press, the greater part of the granite foundation is completed.”  The Record, April 1901, p.158.

“On May 14, the foundation of the library was completed. The superstructure of the library has been given in contract to the lowest bidder, Mr. John Heimann of St. Cloud, for $13,100.”  The Record, May 1901, p.199.

“On June 3, the brick work was begun and on June 22 the walls of the lowest story were completed.”  The Record, June 1901, p.240.

“The new library building is now under roof. Fire-proof floors are being laid. The electricians are busily engaged placing the wires for lighting purposes.”  The Record, October 1901, p.279.