Saints Maur and Placid Apt Bldgs

Saint Maura Apartments 2006 Saint Placid Apartments 2006

St. Maur, 2006 (left) and St. Placid, 2006 (right) (click thumbnails for larger images)

Architect: Rafferty, Rafferty, Tollefson

Dates: 2000

Saint Maur and Placid are upperclassmen apartment. The 4 and 6 person unit provide students with private bedrooms, private bathrooms, a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, air conditioning, and personal telephone lines. The apartments are located on the north side of the Tundra, overlooking Lake Stumpf.

The buildings were designed by Rafferty, Rafferty, Tollefson. Construction began in the summer of 2000 and the buildings were open for students to move in in the fall of 2001.

One of these apartments remained uninhabited by students and served as a place for visiting alumni to stay.