Saint Gregory House

Saint Gregory House Saint Gregory House Saint Gregory House Saint Gregory House

Saint Gregory House, (click thumbnails for larger images)


Architect: Gregory Steil, OSB

Contractor: Built by local labor


Saint Gregory House (Greg House) was built in 1907 as an infirmary for students. This three-story brick building (40’x70′) with basement, built of Menomonie sand-mould brick with Kasota stone trimmings, is located west of the Quadrangle Building. When it was first built, a solid brick wall divided the building in half so that the contagious diseases could be treated in quarantine. The first patient was admitted on March 27, 1908.

In 1933 a substantial addition was put on the west side of the building. The dividing wall was removed; the contagious cases were then to be treated on the third floor. A chapel was added on the first floor. A sun porch was constructed outside the third floor with its own staircase so that those with infectious diseases could reach their destination without the risk of infecting the rest of the building. The porch, which needed additional structural support, allowed for four new rooms to be added to the first and second floors.

When the present Health Center was built in 1976, Saint Gregory House, named after the architect, became residential housing for students. It was renovated in 1984 and now has housing for 34 students in single, double, and triple rooms. Saint Gregory House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


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