Campus Mall Landscaping

Construction and landscaping of mall, 1982
Construction and landscaping of mall, 1982 (click thumbnail for larger image)

“During the last year we speeded work on a carefully planned pedestrian concourse, or mall, for the entire inner campus. Eventually, this ‘pedestrian campus’ concept will provide a less mechanized, more pastoral dimension of quiet, unhurried spaces for our academic community and guests. The first phase of the plan, suggested initially by a Grounds Committee in 1974, has been begun on the west campus (the area between the seminary building and the old gymnasium). The new malls are to be marked by broad walkways, plantings, rest areas, special focus points and unified lighting fixtures. Some of the work has been completed already; it will continue in the future.”   

 – Fr. Alberic Culhane, O.S.B. “President’s Message,” SJU Alumni Magazine, Spring 1982, p. 6.

For more information:
Community, September 2, 1982, p.1 [photo with caption] 

Special thanks to Camero Harris ’20 for drafting this text.