Father Vincent Tegeder Outstanding Administrator Award

2020: not awarded 
2019: Lori Klapperich, Counseling and Health Promotions
2018: Michael Roske, Abbey Woodworking
2017: Tom Kroll, Abbey Arboretum and Outdoor University
2016: Michael Conolly, Student Development
2015: David Lyndgaard, Academic Affairs
2014: Jeana Koenig, Student Accounts
2013: Shawn Vierzba, Life Safety Services
2012: Cindy Dirkes, Bookstore
2011: Fr. Daniel Durken, OSB, Liturgical Press/Abbey
2010: Jeff Wubbells, Events and Conferences
2009: Rob Culligan, Institutional Advancement
2008: Alex Schleper, Saint John’s Preparatory School
2007: Patti Epsky, President’s Office
2006: Kathy Doom, Saint John’s Preparatory School
2005: Mark Twomey, Liturgical Press
2004: Michael Hemmesch, Communication & Marketing Services
2003: Peter Froehle, Saint John’s Preparatory School
2002: Julie Gruska, Registrar’s Office
2001: Sandy Eiynck, Liturgical Press
2000: Ginger Delles, Conferences and Events
1999: Fr. Gordon Tavis, OSB, Saint John’s Preparatory School
1998: S. Dolores Schuh, CHM, Ecumenical Institute
1997: Patty Weishaar, School of Theology
1996: Bill Patefield, Business Office
1995: Mary Dehler, Financial Aid Office
1994: Br. Bill Clarey, Counseling & Career Services
1993: Carol Marrin, CSB and SJU Bookstore
1992: Lee Hanley, University Relations