Provosts / Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs

Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs (SJU)

John Lange 1969-1972 (and Dean)
O. William Perlmutter 1972-1975 (and Dean)
Gunther Rolfson, OSB 1975-1979 (and Dean)
  1979-1981 (Executive and Academic Vice President)
Sylvester Theisen 1981-1983 (Acting Vice President)
Eva Hooker, CSC 1983-1992  
Joseph Friedrich 1992-1995 (Acting Vice President)

In October 1993, the presidents of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University announced that the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs would merge into the Provost for Academic Affairs. The position was created on July 1, 1995.

Provost for Academic Affairs (CSB and SJU)

Clark Hendley 1995-1999  
Neil Thorburn 1999-2001 (Interim Provost for Academic Affairs)
Henry Smorynski 2001-2006  

In 2004, the academic departments were grouped into divisions (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts), and four Division Heads were named.

Rita Knuesel 2006-2007 (Interim Provost for Academic Affairs)
Rita Knuesel 2007-2015
Richard Ice 2015-2016 (Interim Provost for Academic Affairs)
Richard Ice 2015-