Joint Faculty Assembly Chairs

See Joint Faculty Assembly Chairs for the list.  See below for a history of the Joint Assembly.

Throughout the 1980s the SJU Faculty Assembly and the CSB Faculty and Staff Assembly (comprised of both faculty and administrative staff) met separately, with different chairs. They began to meet in joint sessions with increasing frequency as cooperation and coordination between the two institutions increased during the 1990s. In September 1996 the CSB Faculty/Staff Assembly ceased to exist, and became the CSB Faculty Assembly. (Later, the CSB Administrative Assembly, for employees with CSB administrative staff status, was formed, patterned after the long-standing SJU Administrative Assembly.) This was so that the CSB and SJU faculty governance structures would be the same. The separate faculty assemblies, with separate chairs, met in joint sessions on alternating campuses, with the chairs presiding over the meetings on their home campus. In 1998 they elected a single chair, SJU’s Michael Livingston (the SJU Faculty Assembly Vice-Chair in 1997-1998), and, beginning with the 1998-1999 academic year, the position of Chair of the Joint Faculty Assembly began to alternate from year to year between a faculty member with a CSB contract and one with an SJU contract.  See Joint Faculty Assembly Chairs for the complete list.

The Joint Faculty Senate began in 2008-2009, with Katie Johnson as its first chair;  beginning that year, the Joint Faculty Assembly was generally scheduled to meet only 2-3 times each year.