Saint John’s in the Late 1960s/Early 1970s: The “Protest Years”

Vietnam war protests, the sexual revolution, civil rights activism:  to those who came of age in the late 1960s and early 1970s, these are the events and movements which come to mind. 

But the St. John’s campus is a long way from places like Vietnam, Washington, D.C., and Kent State.  How did such society-changing movements resonate in little Collegeville, isolated–and insulated–in central Minnesota?
A review of resources in the Saint John’s University Archives shows that all of them had echoes on the St. John’s campus.  The following each provide some analysis of these movements:

Also available: SJU’s 1968 Institutional Profile, prepared for the accreditation process, which examined every academic department and major administrative area across the campus that year, just as SJU and CSB were becoming academically joint.  (CSB issued an Institutional Profile in 1969.)