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New and Transfer Student Information for International/Out of State Students, On-Campus Student Employment, Student Athletes, & Students will Academic Related Reasons. Staffing
Student Life Student Employment Employment Forms Student Handbook Student Employee/Team of the Year Incoming Students Never interrupt the candidate while he/she is talking.  You just might miss
Student Life Student Employment CSB Student Sick Meal Order Form Tasty treats and delightful surprises for your Bennie.  Available throughout the academic year! Parents/Guests: Order Gift Packs or
Student Life Student Meal Plan Information Student Employment Students Phone # What date do you want your son to pick up the package in our SJU Catering? Enter Student ID TOUCH OF CLASS (1 bottle of
Full-Time tuition and required fees will vary based on the distance of the student. For example all Minnesota students will have a travel budget of $400, students from California would have $1,200.
Student Employment Loan is taken out by the student with a credit worthy cosigner SJU Students loan servicer, the payments are deferred until the student is no longer enrolled at least half time.
Student Life Student Meal Plan Information Student Employment Director of Conferences & Events: Jeff Wubbels Assistant Director of Conferences & Events: Noah Raiche
The J-Book - SJU Student Policies Catholic Identity in Student Development Students who violate state or local liquor laws off-campus may be subject to prosecution by local
Student Life Student Employment Graduating Student Information Scholarships are automatically renewed for students who maintain satisfactory academic standards and Art and Theater - Terri Johnson at
one of our faculty members, or seek student employment as a computer science Teaching Assistants. but is also a good preparation for employment in business, law, medicine, and many other areas.  Our