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Why do I have a finance Each student must fill out a form stating where they would like their student employment funds to be applied. This form should be filled out at the Student Employment Office.
that as an employee of the Financial Aid/Student Employment office, I represent not only the Student Employment Office and Financial Aid, I also represent the I will check in with my assigned area employment/forms/statement of understanding.doc
Student Resources - Race and Ethnicity from a Social Science Perspective take a strong interest in the students’ internships, offering guidance and support throughout the
The Student Employment Program is designed to provide financial assistance to students through employment opportunities on campus. Students typically earn $5,000 for full-time summer employment.
from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During these hours students can turn in forms and have questions answered about financial aid or student employment. Financial Aid for Incoming Students
about visa or international student-employment related questions, contact Rebecca Brown-Medvec , Assistant Director of Intercultural & International Student Services, at 320-363-5093 international student interns.docx
Student Life Health and Wellbeing FAQs for Students FAQs for Prospective Students SJU does best by creatively supporting students’ individual learning, even within the uncertainties
Students in the Exercise Science and Sport Studies program set themselves up for future success Student Employment opportunities a laboratory assistant, sports medicine assistant, personal trainer
the success of CSB athletics to athletes, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students, and fans.” became a source of guidance for my friends who had questions on student employment or financial aid.” presentation.pptx
COVID-19 Resources and Return to Campus Information Student Life 14 students honored with CSB, SJU and team employment award Winner: Avery Stalboerger / Student Employment-Financial Aid / Angie Mareck