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Student Life policy of CSB and SJU to conduct pre-employment background checks. A successful background check is Employment Opportunities Student Employment Opportunities
2019-20 jobs are currently open to students who worked on campus this academic year and incoming students who received a student employment award as part of their financial aid.
Work Eligibility for F-1 Student Visa Holders view job listings on the student employment website Students are encouraged to start their job Student Employment Jobs
the apply, see for more information): 10- 12 hours/ week, please contact Student Employment at [email protected] for more information)
Forms for Students about what you need to do if you received a student employment award as part of your financial aid: This webpage includes general information about student employment at CSB/SJU.
Most students bring: The I-9 must be completed in person at the Student Employment Office no later than the first day of employment. Mail to Student Employment/Financial Aid Office on either campus
Search Results for Fine Arts Programming of job skills for their future employment. Additional responsibilities may be available to students looking for work experiences to add to
6. I also understand that failure to follow student employment policies as listed in the CSB/SJU Student Employment Handbook may result in the loss of my position employment/forms/contract.pdf
Benedict's and Saint John’s University's Student Employment Program is to provide financial assistance to students of the colleges through employment opportunities
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