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Student Life policy of CSB and SJU to conduct pre-employment background checks. A successful background check is Employment Opportunities Student Employment Opportunities
2019-20 jobs are currently open to students who worked on campus this academic year and incoming students who received a student employment award as part of their financial aid.
Forms for Students about what you need to do if you received a student employment award as part of your financial aid: This webpage includes general information about student employment at CSB/SJU.
the apply, see for more information): 10- 12 hours/ week, please contact Student Employment at [email protected] for more information)
244 Main, 37 S. College Ave. O:\Financial Aid\JNT Financial Aid\Job Descriptions\Job Description format.doc employment/forms/job description format.doc
Student Employment Offices Student Employee Evaluation Questions for student employees: How has your student employment experience positively affected your college experience? Describe employment/forms/evaluation.doc
Benedict's and Saint John’s University's Student Employment Program is to provide financial assistance to students of the colleges through employment opportunities
This page is your "one-stop" shop CSB Student Accounts CSB Student Development CSB Student Senate SJU Student Accounts Office Student Employment Job Openings The J-Book - SJU Student Policies
Work Eligibility for F-1 Student Visa Holders view job listings on the student employment website Students are encouraged to start their job Student Employment Jobs
Most students bring: The I-9 must be completed in person at the Student Employment Office no later than the first day of employment. Mail to Student Employment/Financial Aid Office on either campus